​​​Become a part of the Mystery!

Audience members have the option to receive a new identity and become part of the plot! Watch the story (and the jokes) unfold all around you and enter to win a prize if you correctly solve the crime. 

Hotels, restaurants, wineries, breweries, resorts, boats and trains across the country have discovered how interactive mysteries delight audiences of all ages! 

Our 5 exclusive and original mystery shows have two or three professional comedians, who perform multiple comedic characters and interact with the audience to create a truly unique and hysterical experience. 

Shows are comparable to a PG rating.  All ages are welcome.  Tween and teens have a ton of fun keeping up with the plot but audiences younger than 10 may enjoy the characters but have trouble understanding the plot and comedy.

Sample Evening Agenda With A Meal:

                                                     6pm-7pm          Arrival hour and Salad

                                                     7pm-7:30pm     Act I
                                                     7:30-8:15pm     Dinner
                                                     8:15-8:45:pm    Act II
                                                     8:45pm-9pm    Dessert
                                                     9pm-9:30pm    Solution

Mystery Theatre Shows


Die Hard!

                                             Prohibition, speakeasies, gangsters, & murder! 

Gangland’s notorious Tony Baggadonuts has gathered together his closest friends, family, and "business associates," to join him at his favorite getaway and juice joint. Flappers, felons, crooks and schnooks have come to celebrate but when a police raid uncovers a murder scene, Tony becomes the prime suspect. Is he finally gettin’ pinched? Or will his best gun moll Lula, sort through the colorful cast of characters to find the real killer and prove Tony’s innocence. Join us for an evening of interactive comedy, murder and mystery . Remember, if the cops ask, "You brought it in yourself!"

The Legend of

Sleepy Hollow-Point

Local billionaire, Lord Baltus Van Tassel, was well known for his infatuation of ghosts, ghouls and all things spooky. When the guests arrive at his annual Halloween party, they are shocked to learn Lord Van Tassel was murdered! Winslow, the headless butler and former headless horseman, helps the audience decipher the facts from the ghost stories and hires the famous French detective Insp. Cousteau to investigate. Audience members are encouraged to wear their favorite costume and assume a new identity for the evening as we uncover what happened to Ichabod, who killed Van Tassel, and how does Winslow talk without a throat? Join us for great food, frightful fun and mysterious murder in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow-Point.​

Nancy Clue               


The Case of the            

Missing Painting           

Nancy Clue, the famous teen detective, is all grown up and on the case!  Art collectors from around the world have gathered to bid on a painting. When it disappears, Nancy Clue assembles the world’s greatest sleuths to "catch that villian," including; the Hearty Boys, Abatha Twisty, Magnet, P.I. and more!  

                              Witness new takes on classic greats in this hysterical sleuthing parody.



       Ma Parker’s

Ma Parker has gathered together her entire family to help solve a murder.  Ma and her daughter Lula band together moonshiners, wise-guys, gambling bookies and famous chef Mario Spaghetti to find out who killed Mickey the Rat. 

                      It's a 




In this hysterical mash-up parody of holiday classics, the lovable redneck, Kurt Motor runs into trouble when $8.000 turns up missing. He may be forced to close the Motor Home Savings and Loan. Just when things couldn't get any worse, he's blamed for murder! With help from the fine folks of Hazard County and Cletus, his redneck guardian, Kurt hopes to save the holidays.​​​

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